Field notes

Field notes offer unique perspectives from the front lines of government. Hear from contributors sharing the byproducts of their work.

Forms & function

Forms are everywhere. We use them to sign up for food stamps, to pay our taxes and to vote. But they’re often poorly designed. We’re laying out a path to designing them better.

Also in this issue

Starting a new conversation

The first issue of Civic Quarterly was created by a group of 2014 Code for America fellows inspired by our year-long engagement with cities and governments across the United States. While each team faced unique challenges and environments in their cities, many themes were similar. We told each other stories of success and failure that resonated beyond our individual experiences. Those conversations led us to create a publication directed squarely at open government practitioners.


  • Andrew Hyder Code for America
  • Andrew Maier Code for America
  • Andrew Turner ESRI
  • Dana Chisnell Center for Civic Design
  • Dave Guarino Code for America
  • Jacob Solomon Code for America
  • Jeremia Kimelman Code for America
  • Livien Yin Code for America
  • Molly McLeod Code for America
  • Tiffany Chu Code for America