New literacies

Every civic technology uses a unique metric to prove its value, but what metrics transcend individual projects? What elements should we measure or employ regardless of the technologies under consideration?

Community Building

Open data is not enough. Usable interfaces are not enough. In order to engage citizens as active participants in the co-creation of their government, civic designers must build community and capacity.

Designing complexity

Both private- and public-sector organizations are using design thinking to solve increasingly complex problems. How might they make their design processes more accessible to a wider audience?

Also in this issue

Designing with, not for

Inspired by themes heard during the 2014 Code for America Summit, our second issue asks how designers might better facilitate interactions that are simultaneously more humane and less isolating; interactions that not only meet people where they’re at, but also give citizens a sense of shared purpose.

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  • Andrea Moed OpenOakland
  • Andrew Schrock University of Southern Califonia
  • Chelsea Mauldin Public Policy Lab
  • Erik Schwartz Code for America
  • Diana Nucera Allied Media Projects
  • Greg Bloom Open Referral Initiative
  • Jacqueline Wallace Independent
  • Jessica Hewitt Design for Democracy

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  • Chappell Ellison Editor
  • Arthur Johnstone Illustrator