Digital bridges

“Digital natives” want change. What’s the best way to bridge the gap between the present we have and the future we want?

Speculative civics

Designers has always concerned ourselves with both possibility and compromise. How can we create spaces that allow others to do the same?

Also in this issue

Technology’s Ripple Effects

It’s easy for technologists to focus on incremental progress, on improving that which has come before. But what possibilities might this perspective preclude? The articles comprising issue #3 seek a qualitative change: sketching answers that are as unique as the questions from which they originate.

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  • Carl DiSalvo Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Christopher Le Dantec Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Jazmyn Latimer Code for America
  • Leili Slutz OpenGov Foundation
  • Mariam Asad Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Ryan Branciforte Trailhead Labs
  • Whitney Quesenbery Center for Civic Design

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  • Arthur Johnstone Illustrator
  • Chappell Ellison Editor
  • Julia Wang Illustrator
  • Travis Gertz Graphic designer
  • Ryan Raphael Illustrator