A peek into the civic technology toolbox

By Livien Yin and Jeremia Kimelman

A stack is the collection of technology tools a government uses. Think of it like a building: you need a strong foundation to support the floors above. The stack represents the entire collection of information infrastructure—from the servers and web browsers government staff use on up to the vendors who deliver and maintain key systems that rely on those tools.

We sent out a survey to the government community united by Code for America’s knowledge-sharing Peer Network program. Three 2014 Code for America Fellowship cities and five other governments shared a snapshot of their technology stack with us.

Survey respondents provided answers to the best of their knowledge. When answers to questions weren’t available, we marked responses with “N/A”. Please note that this survey is only intended to share examples of government technology. It’s not meant to represent the way all governments structure their technology assets.

By taking look at the group, we hope to gain insights into the foundation that civic applications and services are built on. Read on for a small glimpse into the wired underbelly of municipal government.

Livien YinLivien Yin is an illustrator, designer, and 2014 Code for America Fellow. Let's doodle together, say howdy @livienyin